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We are a digitally focused, independent media agency. We design and manage bespoke, branded campaigns.

We don't believe in 'out of the box' solutions, every brand and campaign objective requires a unique design. We think strategically, so with us, communication planning starts with the formulation of business objectives.

With more than 10 years of experience behind us, we are familiar with classic solutions and constantly test new ones and apply them in complex ways. We are a digital agency, but we are also becoming increasingly adept at handling other non-digital ATL campaigns.

As an independent player, we consider all possible media solutions and finalise them in consultation with the brand. We like to have tangible results to measure the success of a campaign, so we measure every process and every measurement accurately.

Digitalway is the proud member of the Hungarian- Saudi Arabian Digitalization Cluster Learn more about the project here:

Our services

Strategic planning
The goals set by strategic planning are usually derived from the company's mission and vision.
Media buying
Media buying is the activity whereby advertising space is reserved and filled with advertising in a medium on negotiated terms.
Campaign management
We constantly monitor and optimise the different elements of a campaign.



We also design and manage national and regional programmatic campaigns. We are not even embarrassed to serve bid-based, direct and rich media solutions on the above-mentioned platforms.

PPC and other performance-based campaigns and AI implementations of generated tools

We also undertake strategic planning and execution of PPC and performance-focused campaigns. Most commonly used PPC advertising systems are Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads.

AI generated content managing platform

Our Social Media Post Generator is an AI-powered tool that helps you quickly and easily create engaging social media posts. It can help to make several mutations for one topic and automatize the posting process in an efficient way.

BIG data and targeting options

We can implement user data from CRM systems or cookie based user profiles in GDPR conform way into our data management system and use in retargeting campaigns. In this way we can separate classic image campaigns and more targeted B2B campaigns for smaller audiences. There are a lot of predefined profiles in Global data management platforms for business and investment interests which can be easily implemented into display campaigns.

Brand Awareness Display campaign

Using our data based programmatic campaign system we can reach top CEE and global websites. We can easily execute rich media banner campaigns or even native advertisements.